It's simple

We publish everything on our imprint through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing ( for digital or through CreateSpace (, Amazon's print on demand service, for hard copy trade paperback books.

It's transparent

On both websites, Amazon publishes their royalty rates. For example, if you charge $2.99 for a work on Kindle, royalties are 70%. This means Amazon gets 30%, and 70% goes to the author (you) and publisher (us). We send you the monthly sales reports directly from Amazon.

After our expenses are paid, our authors get 90% of the remaining royalties. We get 10% to keep the virtual doors revolving. Until our expenses are paid it's a 50/50 split, fifty percent to the author and fifty percent to us.

What are expenses? Those are transparent, too, and most of them will be what you incur as you get your book ready for print: 


  • Our editors and our interns get paid, so based on what we discuss with you, we will give you an itemized accounting of what the costs will be. Some of the tasks we'll be helping you with include formatting your book for Kindle or CreateSpace as well as helping you figure out your marketing and promotional campaign. The more you have done, the less the expense.
  • We don't charge for copy editing because we don't do it. We're not an editing service; we're a press. We don't want any conflict of interest, and we won't be accepting your work unless it's ready to go anyway.


  • Copyright fee $35:
  • ISBN fee is 1 for $125, 10 for $295, or 100 for $575: We recommend purchasing 10 as they go fast. The same work published digitally on Kindle or print on demand through CreateSpace receives a unique ISBN so two are used right there. But those ISBN's are yours to keep since you bought them so figure it's $29.95 per work and format.
  • Cover art--that varies depending on the artist you hire
  • Promotion and marketing--it's your book, so, based on your audience and promotional platform, you figure out what you want your budget to be. We contribute 5% of what we make after expenses to marketing as well, and we work with you to figure out how our piece of the marketing budget is spent.

That's right

In case you missed it, it's always your work, not ours. You bought the copyright and the ISBN.


We're just going to lay the facts in front of you:

  • Self-publishing can make you a living, but it still doesn't get you much respect in the traditional publishing world. For instance, a self-published work can't win awards like the Pulitzer.
  • Speaking of which, we'll help you target reputable awards and contests to submit your work to, and we'll enter your piece for you as part of your promotional plan.
  • Our editors have lots of traditional and independent experience in publishing and proven DIY strategies for all aspects of the business of writing such as growing an audience.
  • Hold Fast Press acts as a bridge to traditional publishers. If you build an audience and do well with us, then a major New York publisher or literary agent will be more willing to work with you because of your proven sales as well as the fact that the stigma of vanity press isn't on you.

The next step...

Is to check out our "Submissions" page.